Hire a robot with RoboTolling

The fastest way towards automation using collaborative robots which doesn’t require any initial investment into automation. Hire a robot as a standard worker with above-standard flexibility. The implementation only takes between 1 and 6 weeks.

The premium collaborative robots financing and integration is paid on the basis of hours worked with truly unlimited guarantee during the entire time of RoboTolling. With the help of RoboTolling we share your business risk.

Another advantage is the real-time monitoring and assessment of the robots work.

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What can you gain with RoboTolling?

Financing of the robot

  • Robot hourly rate depending on the type.
  • Robot insurance.
  • Robot transportation

Robot training

  • Robot workplace concept.
  • Robot programming.
  • Robot integration.

Mobility guarantee

  • Unlimited guarantee during RoboTolling.
  • Guaranteed robot exchange within 24 hours.
  • The possibility of uploading the program into a different robot.

Control and monitoring

  • Software allowing for a constant monitoring of the robots work using a phone or web application.
  • Real-time graphs of productivity, cycle time and quality of the robots work and monitoring of his usage.

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