Cobot wearing a face mask

Why should companies invest in industrial automation during the times of pandemics?

How can automation help your company in times of outbreak? Robots = less production vulnerability Industrial automation can help drastically improve the resistance to pandemics and similiar crisis of your company. The developments of the last few weeks have clearly shown how the current, globally interconnected, economy is sensitive to any issue. Production vulnerability stems […]

We are now ISO 9001 certified.

ROB4JOB is now ISO 9001: 2016 certified Our workplace robotization and automation system of quality management has gained the ISO 9001:2016 certificate from the prestigious TÜV SÜD company.

The report from Roboty2020 event

Our application, coffee brewing, caught the eye of a reporter from the Czech TV Nova. You can read the whole report on the link below. You can expect our own video from the event in the following weeks.