The report from Roboty2020 event

Our application, coffee brewing, caught the eye of a reporter from the Czech TV Nova. You can read the whole report on the link below. You can expect our own video from the event in the following weeks.

What is the price of a cobot application?

The prices of collaborative robots are usually set by the manufacturer for the rest of the world. The price of the robot itself, moving around 40 thousand Euro, is usually only a half of the full project price. The usual application prices generally move between 7O and 80 thousand Euro. This full price usually contains […]

Customer success story: Sawyer and Wecomatic

Our collaborative robot operating two Wecomatic machines: video Application description First the robot takes out a part from the magazine designed by Rob4Job and proceeds to insert it in the Wecomatic machine. The cobot operates two press machines at once but, as we try to offer flexibility to our customers, you can always turn one of the machines off […]