Customer success story: Sawyer and Wecomatic

Our collaborative robot operating two Wecomatic machines: video

Application description

First the robot takes out a part from the magazine designed by Rob4Job and proceeds to insert it in the Wecomatic machine. The cobot operates two press machines at once but, as we try to offer flexibility to our customers, you can always turn one of the machines off with a button and the robot starts operating only the other one. This comes in handy for machine maintenance and such. Sawyer communicates with the machines so after inserting the part the machine is turned on by the robot which proceeds to operate the second Weco. After the first part is inserted the robot uses a dual gripper which means that the robot can proceed to insert the second part immediately after removing the first. Then the robot proceeds to place the part in the box.

After filling both boxes collaborative robot Sawyer is able to get new ones himself so the operation is completely self-sufficient. There are optic and induction sensors for maximum reliability.

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